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  • All Question Tools software has been designed and developed by Paul Booth, with many ideas contributed by Jenny Hayes.
  • Harsh reviews, good ideas and kind words were provided by Phil Marsden and Sally Harniess.
  • Bob Moore provided expert technical advice without ever looking at the software:
  • All faults and failings remain the exclusive property of Paul Booth.
  • Editor Suite was translated into Portuguese by José Vasconcelos, who also created the Azul, Bege, Branco and Inox styles in both English and Portuguese.
  • Editor Suite was translated into Spanish by Angel Herraez.
  • Editor Suite was translated into Dutch by Paul Lowagie.
  • The better graphic styles added in version 3 were created by Paul Newcombe.
  • The owl logo and icons were expertly drawn by Ilona Melis:
  • The installers for Question Tools were created using Jordan Russell's first-class Inno Setup:

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