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Download Installers

Question Tools Tutorials

TutorialsThis is the installer for the Question Tools spoken and animated tutorials. The tutorials will guide you through key topics in easy-to-digest 3-minute sections.

Installer size: 33 Mb

Question Tools EditorSuite 3.0.24

Editor SuiteThe EditorSuite installer adds Question Tools Editor, SimpleSet and Exam to your computer. Editor allows you to create interactive e-learning using a drag and drop interface, while SimpleSet is a quick and easy-to-use editor for those who prefer to work with just text. Both SimpleSet and Editor can produce lessons, tests and surveys as pages for any modern web browser, or encrypted banks for use with the Exam application.

Installer size: 6.3 Mb

Question Tools Exam only (3.0.19)

Editor SuiteExam is included in the EditorSuite installer above. However, if you wish to install just Question Tools Exam, without Editor and SimpleSet, then you can use the installer here.

Installer size: 1.1Mb

Zip file invalid or corrupt? There is a bug with Microsoft Internet Explorer explained here. If you have this problem then try either downloading the .exe version instead, using the FTP link, or switching to Firefox or Opera.

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