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Language and Spell-Checking

Question Tools Editor, SimpleSet and Exam are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. You can use the Language menu (from the Options menu in Editor and SimpleSet) to select these languages, as well as charactersets, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Baltic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Slav, Thai and Turkish. These charactersets are also available for the NetSeries webserver, which includes a powerful translation and customization facility.

Dictionaries for spell-checking in Question Tools Editor and SimpleSet can be downloaded using the menu below. These dictionaries need to be unzipped, and then placed in this folder (assuming a default installation):

C:\Program Files\Question Tools\Dictionaries\

Zipped Dictionary

Zip file invalid or corrupt? There is a bug with Microsoft Internet Explorer explained here. If you have this problem then try either using the FTP link, or switching to Firefox or Opera.

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