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User guides, factsheets and other documents


PDF FileQuestion Tools Factsheet. This provides a general introduction to Question Tools, including the role of the editor applications, such as Question Tools Editor and SimpleSet, through to delivery using Question Tools Exam, or one of the NetSeries specialist webservers. Size: 358 Kb
PDF FileElan Factsheet. Elan allows non-IT specialists to create e-learning, e-assessment and online survey materials. Programming and scripting skills are not required. Delivery is easy, as trainees need only a web browser. Both individual and group results are automatically collected and analysed. Size: 164 Kb
PDF FileReviews and Comments. A selection of independent reviews, comments and opinions from individuals as well as large corporates and journalists. Many of the comments are from well-known web sites, with a number from published magazines. This PDF repeats the information available here. Size: 300 Kb

User Guide

PDF FileQuestion Tools User Guide. A comprehensive guide to Question Tools — includes Editor, SimpleSet, Exam and the NetSeries webservers. If you would like a printed guide covering the whole of Question Tools software then this is the file you need — it includes most of the How-To Guides. Size: 10.9 Mb
PDF FileHow to Guides There is a range of short guides showing how specific tasks can be accomplished. Click here to go to the page that lists these guides. Alternatively, you can download all of these guides as a single, large PDF. Size: 2.4 Mb


PDF FileCreating on-line materials. This article deals with some of the issues involved in creating materials that teachers and trainers want to use. It suggests that the ability of teachers and trainers to reuse and adapt materials is crucial. Size: 220 Kb
PDF FileDistance training and education — technical options. This general article introduces the technical issues involved in delivering training at a distance, and deals with a wide variety of options rather than just Question Tools. It is aimed at a non-technical audience. Size: 81 Kb
PDF FileRecording speech for use in education and training materials. This article explains how speech can be recorded for use in e-learning materials. It explains the equipment required, the techniques involved, the likely pitfalls, from recording through to editing. Size: 360 Kb
PDF FileRecording speech using minimal facilities. This article explains how speech can be recorded to a reasonably high quality using the minimum of facilities. While some equipment is needed, acceptable quality can often be achieved using commonly-available hardware and software. Size: 260 Kb

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