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Once you have downloaded installers, updaters, user guides or factsheets you are free to pass them on, copy and distribute them onto CDs, and make them available from your web site, providing you do not alter them or charge for them. You can download

Editor SuiteInstallers Editor SuiteUpdaters
PDF FilesFactsheets, User Guides & other documents
PDF FilesLanguage: dictionaries

Zip files. Most installers and PDF documents are available as zip files, as well as in their native formats. Given the compression already present in the PDFs and installers, the zip files are no smaller than the originals, but some users find them easier to download. You will need WinZip, PowerArchiver or some other zip utility to unzip these files. If you are using Windows XP then you can just double-click on zip files to open them.

PDF files. Factsheets, user guides and other documents are available as PDF files. It is usually better to download these files and then open them. If you open PDF files in your web browser you may have problems (they can be slow, prone to crashing, and they do not always print as expected from a browser).

FTP or HTTP (web). The downloads from our FTP server are faster and usually more reliable. However, there are also web links in case you cannot reach our FTP server. We recommend that you try the FTP links first.

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