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Results by email and SMS

Results can now be automatically emailed just moments after an examination has finished. They can even be sent by SMS... More...

Secure online examinations using Question Tools Exam

Exam has been integrated with Question Tools NetSeries to provide an alternative to browser-based examinations. It tolerates poor network connections, and it is more secure as data transfer is encrypted. Question Tools Exam can also use a webcam to capture images of the person taking an examination, so their identity can be verified when the results are viewed. Tests can even be taken off-line using Question Tools Exam and then uploaded to NetSeries later... More...

Real-time database links

NetSeries has been updated and includes a real-time database link in the NetElan edition as well as support for timed database linking for all editions.. More...

Shuffle to combat cheating

A new shuffle feature has been added to Editor, so that the options available to trainees/students in multiple choice questions are randomly ordered - i.e. they are different for each user.. More...

New Audio Format (wma)

Windows Media Audio files can now be used with Editor, Exam, and web-based tests.. More...

Easy backup

An easy backup facility has been added to NetSeries hosting, so that site owners can take a full, daily copy of all content and data in their service.. More...

Competition winners

The winners of the Question Tools competition were Miroslav Ristic from Serbia and Montenegro, and Corinne Sumun in the UK. Each has received an Editor Suite Professional Serial number, and all entrants received a free tutorial CD. Some of the content sent in can be downloaded from here.

Unique capture facility for system training

A new screen capture facility in Question Tools Editor can record activity on screen and automatically convert it into a Question Tools animation. This can be included in any lesson, survey or test, with delivery in Question Tools Exam, or any modern web browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape or Opera (no plug-ins required). More...

Question Tools selected for ECDL

The British Computer Society, which runs the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) programme in the UK, has rolled out its own online examination service, built on top of Question Tools NetSeries. ECDL has been the most successful UK IT qualification, with 500,000 registered students. More...

Making contact

How can I contact other Question Tools users? How can I share content with others in my field? If these are questions you have asked then you might be interested in our new community programme. More...

Public Support

Support queries are now being answered using a Google Group. It is available to anyone (but moderated of course). We've made this change so that anyone can see the problems others have had, and see the replies. It is also possible for anyone to answer problems or add their comments. More...

RSS News Feed

There is a new Question Tools News Feed. RSS, which stands for Real Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary, allows news updates to be picked up by any compatible RSS news reader. To find out when updates are released, or anything else has changed, all you need is this link.

The 3.0.10 update

In addition to the unique screen capture facility, the latest update adds three new visual styles, improved random selection of screens for tests and exams, and better support for users with disabilities. Editing in Editor has been enhanced, and sound playback in web-based materials improved. More...

Export to PDF for Exam

Question Tools Editor Exam can now export results straight to a PDF file for Question Banks produced using Question Tools Editor Professional or Developer editions. More...

Animation added for Professionals

Question Tools Editor Professional Edition can be used to create some exciting animations — often very useful for illustrating ideas or processes. Now users of Editor Professional can create animations. More...

Teaming up with WorldPay

The Question Tools online ordering system has been improved in a link up with WorldPay. It's quicker, and orders can be placed in any of four different currencies. More...

Custom Advice

Question Tools Editor Developer Edition has acquired a custom results facility — which means that users taking a test or examination can be given specific advice depending upon their performance. More...

New User Guide

The old user guide was good, but not good enough. We've listened to feedback and added an introduction as well as a getting started section. Even the How-to guides have been bundled in. More...

Collecting results — Elan added to NetSeries hosting

Question Tools NetSeries hosting allows courses, surveys, lessons and tests to be delivered on the internet from the Question Tools servers. Now NetElan has been added to the range of available versions, which already includes NetTest, NetSurvey, NetResult and NetEnterprise. More...

Question Tools spreads

World map smallSince its release in July 2002 Question Tools has been downloaded all over the world, and now has registered users in 148 countries. The majority of those registered come from the USA, closely followed by the UK and India. Click here for a world map showing the spread.

Amazon recommends

The huge international retailer Amazon has begun to recommend Question Tools software to some of its shoppers. It has started to do this alongside some books, suggesting that users should visit the Question Tools site, despite the fact that there is no arrangement between Question Tools and Amazon.

The online assessment market is now crowded with competing products, and yet Question Tools is the only software in this category that Amazon recommends.

In addition to registered users in 148 countries, Question Tools has an ever-growing list of users, including some big names, such as Deloitte & Touche, AT & T, the UK Department for Education & Skills, all the US military services and Merrill Lynch HSBC to name but a few.

Click here for a list of the countries with registered users. Click here for a selected list of customers.

Recommended to thousands

PC Home coverThe popular IT consumer magazine, PC Home, has recommended Question Tools to its readers. The 4-page spread provides an excellent introduction to Question Tools. PC Home says, "The great thing about Question Tools is that, as it comes in separate programs, it is easy to achieve different levels of results...SimpleSet allows you to create tests with basic templates...Using the Editor program gives you a much greater range of possibilities for your quiz...there's an almost unlimited number of tweaks you can use..."

Guided to Question Tools

PC Answers coverThe practical advice magazine, PC Guide has recommended Question Tools to its readers. PC Guide says, "The Web's a great resource for teachers and trainers, but creating an interactive online test to help students learn has tended to require programming skills. Thankfully, Question Tools allows anyone with a PC to create online tests and exams, for free...The Question Tools tutor give an interactive display of how to achieve specific effects."

Editor Suite 3.0 released

Editor, SimpleSet & Exam version 3.0 have been released. Editor and SimpleSet now seamlessly integrate. There are many new features, including facilities for building online and CD-ROM-based courses. The Professional Edition includes the ability to automatically time tests, as well as categorize results. The Developer Edition includes the ability to add animations. In addition, online tests, lessons and surveys produced by all editions will work with FireFox, Mozilla, AOL and Netscape as well as Opera and Internet Explorer. New features in detail...

NetSeries 3.0 released

NetSeries has been significantly updated, and is now compatible with FireFox, Netscape, AOL and Mozilla as well as Internet Explorer and Opera. Better support has been added for charactersets such as Chinese, Greek, Russian and others, while its appearance can be more easily adapted to take on the visual style of any organization. Other enhancements, such as the ability to run as a Windows Service and the inclusion of network monitoring tools with NetElan, are likely to broaden its appeal in the corporate sector.

Endorsement from PC Answers

PC Guide coverPC Answers has now followed PC Home in recommending Question Tools to its readers. PC Answers says, "...Question Tools can help you. It enables you to create exams, tests and questionnaires quickly...The process of creating tests is simple...Once you are happy with the methods used to put together a test you can create customised tests, adding images, videos and sounds."

Question Tools wins awards

Paul's picks logoFileHungry logoThe shareware site Paul's picks ( lists hundreds of new programs every month, but picked Editor out as something special. More...

The busy FileHungry shareware site has awarded Question Tools SimpleSet, Editor and Exam its top, 5-star rating. More...

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