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Software award imageEditor Suite has also been recognized by ( and awarded top marks. Spyware free awardQuestion Tools Editor has been verified as spyware and virus free by ( — one of the smartest sharing sites we've seen.
Top Shareware AwardTop shareware ( awarded Question Tools Editor yet another maximum mark. 5 start awardThe popular Maxx Download ( site rated Question Tools Editor Suite as 5 stars (the maximum).
Softs LandSofts Land ( awarded Question Tools a 5-star top rating. Soft DLL awardThe Soft DLL site ( awarded Question Tools its maximum 5 stars.
Paul's Picks logoThe shareware site Paul's picks ( lists hundreds of new programs every month, but picked Editor out as something special. Rated by FileHungry logoThe busy FileHungry shareware site has awarded Question Tools SimpleSet, Editor and Exam its top, 5-star rating.

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