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Editor Suite: Content creation made easy

If you can use Microsoft Word you can use Question Tools Editor Suite
You can even try the Professional or Developer Editions for free for as long as you wish.*

Question Tools Editor SuiteQuestion Tools Editor Suite comprises Editor — for visually laying out and testing your screens, SimpleSet — for quick text editing and converting existing materials, and the Exam application — a secure alternative to a web browser. Which Edition? If you are not sure whether you need the Professional or Editor Edition then use the Editor Suite Chooser to decide, or consult the table which shows the various abilities of the different editions.

Editor Screen Shot
  • Question Types: Select (multiple choice), true/false, hotspot, menus, text answer, long-answer, and drag.
  • Ready-to-use templates, effective styles feature.
  • Create interactive lessons, surveys and tests.
  • Open & test multiple screens within the editor.
  • Handles pictures, sounds & video in a variety of formats including MP3 and MPEG.
  • Multiple feedbacks can be included in screens
  • Wide variety of test and lesson options.
  • Multiple undo facility, comprehensive help.
  • Materials can be exported as banks, web pages, or packages ready for Question Tools NetSeries.
  • Support for a wide variety of charactersets, and available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
  • Spell-checking as well as Find and Replace.
  • Support for special characters.
  • Pasteboard for quickly dragging text into place.
  • Built-in facilities for packaging and zipping source files.
  • Timed tests, categorized results.

* Please note, when used without a serial number the Professional and Developer Editions will limit the number of screens in a lesson, test or survey to just five.

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Installer (6.3 Mb)

User Guide (10.9 Mb)

How-To Guides (2.4 Mb)

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