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Creation: Editor Suite 3.0

Editor SuiteQuestion Tools Editor Suite can be used to create interactive materials in a wide variety of formats and present them in a large number of attractive visual styles. Sound, speech and video can be added, not just to screens, but to feedback areas within screens. There are a wide variety of templates and question types available, and anyone can download, install and explore the wide range of possibilities offered by Editor Suite. Web-based materials created using Editor Suite will work with all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Netscape Navigator 7.1 and above, AOL 1.0 and above, Mozilla 1.6 and above, FireFox 1.0 and above, and Opera 7.23 and above. E-learning materials, such as exercises, lessons, surveys, tests and exams, can be created as:

  • highly-encrypted question banks
  • sets of interactive web pages for any web server
  • CD-ROMs that autorun
  • NetSeries packages that can be used with the Question Tools NetSeries webserver to collect results.


Delivery: NetSeries 3.0

NetSeriesThe Question Tools NetSeries of products are combined web servers and databases that allow lessons, exercises, simulations, tests and surveys to be delivered over the internet as well as over an organization's intranet. Results are automatically collected and analysed. All collected data can be exported to common formats. This includes the group and individual analyses of results, as well as every answer every user has entered. Anyone can download, install and try the NetSeries range of products — they allow 20 results to be collected before a serial number is required. NetSeries allows:

  • tests, lessons and surveys to be delivered and results automatically collected
  • individual and group results to be displayed graphically, with the ability to step through any individual's result one screen at a time
  • all data to be exported into common formats to allow easy integration with existing results, administration and HR systems


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