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PDF File Streamlining Induction. Managers in many organizations often believe all their new recruits' training needs should be dealt with during induction. Yet, the limited time available for induction restricts what can be taught. This scenario explains how Question Tools can be used to produce and deliver a range of diagnostic tests, allowing training to be focussed on skill shortfalls. Size: 245 Kb
PDF File Regulatory Requirements. The need to demonstrate that staff understand various regulatory requirements and legislation can be an expensive training burden. Training all staff is one common but expensive solution. The costs are increased further by the requirement that all staff be tested and records kept. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to reduce this burden, reduce costs as well as improve record keeping and access to relevant data. Size: 222 Kb
PDF File Reducing Training Costs. Staff who attend courses often do not need them, while others who would benefit often stay away, and an opportunity to improve performance is missed. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to both improve training effectiveness and reduce costs by targeting training. Size: 121 Kb
PDF File New Product Training. Training for new product launches can often be late — the information provided by a pressured development team is not always as complete as it might be. Late changes add further pressures and delays. Training is further complicated by the requirement to keep access to materials restricted. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to reduce costs, speed up and control the training process in a pressured environment. Size: 199 Kb
PDF File Sensitive Skill Issues. Addressing skill issues can be difficult. Well-educated professionals, such as engineers or hospital consultants are likely to be resistant to assessment. Yet, even basic skills, such as calculating percentages, can be lost if not practised. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to quickly but discreetly make staff aware of the basic skills they have lost, as well as inform them of key facts and procedures. Size: 174 Kb
PDF File Profitable e-learning. Customers often expect a lot from e-learning developers. They frequently want test results, controlled access, performance breakdowns, integrated results export, as well as a push-button installation for their IT department. This document explains how Question Tools can help a company deliver all of these complex requirements, and allows costs to be reduced as authors can design straight onto the screen. Size: 114 Kb
PDF File Stepping into e-learning. Some customers expect their training providers to be able to deliver online diagnosis and assessment, as well as e-learning. This documents explains how those from a training background can step safely and effectively into the e-world. Trainers and training organizations can retain control of their materials and create exciting online content, without the involvement of programmers and other technical specialists. Size: 165 Kb
PDF File Collecting Online Survey Data. Collecting survey data is expensive. Printing and distributing the survey is costly in terms of budget and staff time. Organizing the collection of completed surveys can be time-consuming, while manual coding of responses is expensive and can introduce error. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to reduce costs, reduce the time involved in collecting and coding responses, as well as increase accuracy. Size: 207 Kb
PDF File Improving Pupil Performance. Schools and teachers will continue to be assessed against a range of indicators, chief amongst which will be pupil performance, as measured in national tests. Raising individual pupil performance requires individual diagnosis, feedback and help, yet such activity is expensive and time-consuming. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to perform diagnosis and automatically provide relevant feedback, freeing staff from some of the burden of marking. Size: 215 Kb
PDF File Retaining Students. The numbers of students leaving a course is often viewed as one measure of quality. A high wastage rate also results in reduced funding. A significant proportion of students are often unaware of their weaknesses and likely performance in tests and examinations. This document explains how Question Tools can be used to create and deliver tests with feedback and links to appropriate resources. IN this way failing students can be identified early during a course, and be given immediate and relevant feedback to help them improve. Size: 175 Kb

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