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Known Issues

Which version have I got? To find out which version of Editor, SimpleSet or Exam you have go to the Help menu and select About. The screen here will display the version number. The NetSeries version number is displayed under the small 'Powered-by' owl icon in the lower, left-hand side of the web browser.

Editor Version 3.0.24

  • Cheat button. On a web-based test you can press and hold down the Cheat button only to discover that the correct answers disappear a moment later. This problem only occurs with the FireFox web browser, and only when there is a time display in the control bar. It is a fault in the browser which is sending off a mouseup message every time the time left display is updated (once a second). This will be fixed when the FireFox browser is fixed. If you need a Cheat button to check your answers then it is best to leave the timer display turned off until you are ready to release it as a proper examination. Problem rating: 3.
  • Active Web Pages. A minority of users who upload their active web pages to their PHP-enabled web server find that results are not saved as they expected. You can find out more about this problem here. Problem rating: 4.
  • Non-ascii filenames. If you use any pictures, videos or sounds with names that include non-ascii characters (i.e. ones with accents, such as é or ä) then they may not appear in your finished test. This is a low-level problem in Windows, affects all applications and cannot be fixed by us. Microsoft has fixed this Windows 2000 and XP. Problem rating: 3.
  • Deleting Flash objects. When you delete a Flash object in Editor using the Backspace or Delete key on the keyboard an access violation is produced. This does not happen all of the time, and does not happen at all if Delete is selected from the Edit menu. We believe the original problem is in the Flash ActiveX object. As the effects are minor, and it is beyond our control, it will probably never be fixed. Thanks to Rupert Baker for raising this. Problem rating: 2.

SimpleSet Version 3.0.19

  • There are no known problems.

NetSeries Version 3.0.24

  • There are no known problems.

Exam Version 3.0.19

  • Field and charactersets. Exam can display text using characterset such as Korean, Chinese or Japanese, but users are unable to enter answers in these languages in answer fields. Problem rating: 4.
  • Progress Bar. Sometimes the 'Calculating results' progress bar remains on screen. This is a low level problem related to some of the C libraries we use. It will not be fixed until the next version (4.0). Thanks to Marc Mensink for raising this. Problem rating: 2.

Web browsers

  • Safari and Camino. Both of these Apple Mac browsers will not allow drag buttons to move. This problem is beyond our control. However, one workaround is to convert the button to a graphic before the content is created. This can be done in Editor by right-clicking on a drag button.
  • Opera. The scripts that limit what can be entered into an answer field do not work in Opera. This means that it is possible to enter text into answer fields that should accept only integers or real numbers. This problem is beyond our control.

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